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Solved the mystery of the lost truck in the mountains of La Rioja

Solved the mystery of the lost truck in the mountains of La Rioja

The mystery for more than two months ago has made three truckloads of citrus have finished lost in the mountainous area of ​​Ezcaray Rioja may have an explanation.

This past weekend were lost to another trucker the Rioja town, the third after two other drivers had to be rescued after finishing forest tracks in separate villages in this mountainous region of La Rioja. The first, which went from Murcia to Riga (Latvia), ended in a narrow forest path; the second truck driver who drove the same truck that was lost for the first time, but this time from Valencia to Lithuania, was rescued about to fall into a river in the village of Posadas.

The possible explanation to this mystery was how the mayor of La Rioja city, Diego Bengoa, in his Facebook profile: "Since no two without three, here we have the third, so that the villagers have stopped before go up to refuel at the gas station that is supposed is in Turza. Yes, what you're reading, gave them the coordinates of a gas station that is supposed to exist in Turza, and GPS to Turza wearing them 🙈. Katia and Quino two neighbors that Russian speakers would have explained what happened to the other trucks, empty this Iba, direction Valencia, and you do not know who was saddled ....... Right, oranges and tangerines 😂😂😂😂 not know what gives me that We see any more. "

However, the nearest gas station with which the carrier has an agreement is in Calahorra, more than one hour of ground zero for these truckers, according to Radio Cadena SER Haro.

The mystery of the trucks lost in Ezcaray (La Rioja) seems resolved. The supposed solution arrived yesterday in another refrigerator trailer, if not for a neighbor who arrested him before he crossed the bridge station riojalteña villa, to know where was over, he reports It is very possible that at some point the road Bonicaparra, as one who finished first part of the autumn landscape of a forest track of Montehondo place. Thither he sent his Pioneer, as though this vehicle deviated from the route something else a few days ago was engaged in Canillas bridge, close to Posadas. Since all three of the same company everything seems to indicate an error in the coordinates. At least yesterday himself, he walked to a gas station to refuel, according to his GPS, Turza was located in a mountain village in the middle of 9 registered inhabitants and certainly no supplier near ... Bonicaparra.A From here you can start to tie ropes, but the news did not entirely lose the label of 'surprising'. The driver of the second truck lost also commented that had to refuel and was headed towards Irun. As is known, it finished near Posadas. The explanation being considered is that the company has signed some kind of agreement with any oil company that takes the fleet fuel in some gas stations, of course, are not in Turza. An error in the coordinates and an apparent lack of communication within the company do the rest. As of yesterday I was fuel for 100 kilometers. Using his GPS he headed to refuel in Calahorra.

Neighbors stopped him, around 1445 hours, we fought, surely, getting into trouble. We saw that going straight ... A refrigerated truck, registration of Lithuania, Mercedes, white ... In Ezcaray are already like family. This, unlike the previous two, came from empty, even as the mayor said, Diego Bengoa, went to Valencia to charge non-how, oranges and tangerines.

The driver did not understand anything, not only because he was Russian and the other not, but because even when Katia arrived and Quino, two residents of the village who speak your language, understood very well what he was being told. "They explained what had happened with the previous two trucks but had not heard anything about it. We also ask to transmit to the company for which you work to try to correct the problem of the coordinates, "he explained the mayor, not very convinced that this is the last truck calling at Ezcaray.

The driver was very grateful, as he bade farewell to those who put him on notice telling them the next time you're supposed to return to private capacity, knowing where steam "would bring vodka." For that matter, also oranges to make 'screwdrivers'.

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